George Brown Shares His Clickbank Earnings

Want to see some impressive Clickbank Stats, well George Brown creator of the Google sniper program shares his earnings online in the video below. If you have not heard of Clickbank before, basically put they are  a massive affiliate network of quality IM related products where a web owner can promote and make money.

They have been around for ages and as i have mentioned on this blog, they are one of my most highly recommended forms of making money online.

So, How Does He Do It?

Well George shows basically all, he does not hide much from what he does, like he states he has a easy step by step process which is what many know him well for. The system without sharing too much, is a formula for building quality little sites ( blogs ) in niches that get traffic from the search engines mainly.

That formula is then repeated time and time again building the clickbank account over time.

Is There Any Concerns?

My only concern is that developing sites focused on free traffic from the search engines in such a way may make you become very vulnerable to there ways. Especially Google who does not want webmasters to focus on them for traffic. Updates such as penguin or panda could be an issue also. While George says this is not so much an impact on his sites and his income, it is something that one may want to consider or ask George himself, if they wish to go down a similar formula as he does or if you wish to purchase his program as well.

Either way, I am sure George can answer the questions there and as you can see his earnings say a lot on if his program works or not.

To find out more about this program and George Click Here.


  1. I have been using Georges program and it is really great. He has a very straight forward approach to online marketing.

  2. Awesome screenshot, would love a piece of that.. 😉

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