Infolinks Payment Proof

This is a follow up post to my last post on the Infolinks Publisher program Vs the earnings of Google AdSense. While many have mixed perspectives, I still find personally Infolinks pays a little bit more than the AdSense program. Overall I believe it is because of the CTR which is a lot higher than AdSense.

infolinks payment proof

Bonus Affiliate Program Earnings Below.

infolinks affiliate program payment proof

Above I have added some much asked (recent) Infolinks Payment Proofs to show they pay and encourage more to try.. If you have not tried Infolinks, now may be the time.. To sign up or for more info click here.

Common Infolinks Questions and Answers

1. Can you use Infolinks with AdSense? Yes they can be used with AdSense..

2. Do you need a minimum amount of traffic to use them? No, any traffic level is fine however high content sites are recommended. More traffic the more earnings..

3. Do they pay via PayPal? Yes, any earnings over $100 is paid out as seen above. Can take up to two months once threshold is reached.

4.  Are the Infolinks links Customizable? They have two forms of links, the double line and single line. Each of which you can choose the colour.

5. Are Infolinks easy to set up? They are so easy to implement on a site, just sign up and then add the code to your footer or install the wordpress plugin.. Follow the steps and it will be set in minutes..

6. Can Infolinks be Optimised? If you want better targeting, Infolinks can look at your site and tailor better keyword targeting allowing more conversion and hence more earnings. I find the targeting is good without it, but I will let you decide there.

7.  How do you earn with Infolinks? The way one earns with infolinks is when people click on the in text links. Each link that is clicked is a large portion of what the advertiser pays per click. In a way very similar to AdSense or Bidvertiser publisher networks.

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  1. wow. YOu really did well with infolinks. I just hope i manage to earn like you did..

  2. Hmmmm, every month i getting the payment. 🙂

  3. ed | pinoymoneymaker says:

    I wonder how you got that bonus affiliate program payment. I can’t see any affiliate program in their website.

    • Timon Weller says:

      Hey Ed,
      They either ask you in email or you email them about. I am not sure if they have a particular criteria for the affiliate program or what.. They emailed me about the program after i signed up for it.. No there is no info on the website about there affiliate.

  4. het i have just installed infolinks programme on my blog.Tell me also wait and watch till i get my payment from infolinks

  5. Hi!
    My paypal account not verified yet. But in my Infolinks account I got 70$ So can i receive money through paypal? I’m confused because of this verification problem..
    Thank you.

  6. Can they pay via Western Union like AdSense does?

  7. Well i must say, very informative article. Will implement infolinks on my blog.

  8. how can i get payment from info link….paypal??or any other way???


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