Infolinks Vs AdSense

As you might have noticed I have been playing around with Infolinks on this blog, they can be seen by the double blue line ads in posts and are contextual in nature similar to Kontera. In a previous post I discussed Infolinks Vs Kontera in comparison indicating that so far Infolinks payed alot more for me overall.

Infolinks vs Adsense

Infolinks is Winning so Far for me..!

In this post, It is about my comparing my old AdSense earnings and stats and guess what I discovered.. Infolinks is winning in comparison for my stats as well. In fact with Infolinks I am getting sometimes 7 clicks per 200 unique impressions (3 to 4 clicks per 100), something I never achieved with AdSense. My standard AdSense amount was around 1 click per hundred or 2 clicks per 300 impressions.. If you are getting more than that with Adsense, then well done.

Infolinks is Almost double my previous Adsense Earnings!

So what is the outcome, unfortunately sorry AdSense you lost this one from my perspective for performance and pay out. Not only that, the payments per click is great as well with Infolinks. Previously like I said I compared the program to Kontera, but sorry Kontera lost there as well with my experience.. Most of the earnings I am getting are almost double that of my old AdSense records.. I have not tried it yet, but I would imagine if used in conjunction with Bidvertiser or Adsense or Adbrite it could really draw some massive PPC earnings to any blog or website..

Words from Infolinks..

“Simply, we guarantee the industry’s highest revenue share, so that you keep most of the advertising revenues. Infolinks is the next generation of In-Text advertising and with our proprietary algorithm and high quality of service, we are so confident that you will increase your advertising revenues, that we actually guarantee the industry’s highest revenue share in your contract…” — From InfoLinks Website FAQ

Unfortunately I could not include statistics images to show my results in comparison, as it is against both there terms of service with the programs.. Have you tried Infolinks..? If so write your experiences below.. So far for me I am quite Impressed.. If you are interested in making money online, I highly recommend checking out InfoLinks.

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  1. shatterstar says:

    Glad to hear you’re earning more on infolinks! Good luck on it! On my part however, Adsense still beats infolinks by a mile. I am however using both on my site and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

    Earnings on adsense really depends on the ad placements though. 70% of my earnings comes from adsense and 30% from infolinks.

    • Yeah it is good that you use both, it is probably the niche your in partly that effects the performance.. Also I find content filled pages do better for Infolinks wheras AdSense does best with less content. eg Two Paragraphs in a post. You have a cool blog by the way.. 🙂

  2. I used both and adsense indeed has some issues, PCm and earning are coming and going without a good explanation. Infolinks looks more “stabile”… I guess content will drive different numbers.

    • Timon Weller says:

      Hey Robert,
      Since smart pricing with Adwords / AdSense began earnings are lower for everyone.. Thats why other affiliate marketing options are so important now.. I have even seen websites recieving over 100, 000 visits a day take down there Adsense and replace with services like infolinks or even replace with Bidvertiser (a recommended Adsense alternative).

  3. So using adsense and infolinks is allowed?

    • Timon Weller says:

      Hey Nas,
      Yes, using both infolinks (or kontera) on the same page as adsense is allowed. The ads look completely different.

  4. i am just starting out with Google Adsense. i am hoping that i would earn a good deal of money on this program.

  5. Timon Weller says:

    Hey maria,
    I would recommend focusing more on multiple streams of income. This can include affiliate marketing, own products and many more. Just using adsense by itself earns too low. Try using infolinks as well and see how it goes.. 🙂

  6. Hi Timon,

    I just wanted to ask if your site slowed down(loading when visited) while using infolinks?

    • Timon Weller says:

      My Mongobread,
      Good question.. My site slowed down with using Kontera but I did not notice any load slowing with Infolinks.

  7. Okay, maybe I’ll try it out.

    I don’t like infolinks the first time I saw it, kinda look spammy when you hover 🙂

  8. It cool, infolinks is rocking all over, i am using it for the last 1.2 years.

  9. How can we provide infolinks ad in our site?
    from where i get code?
    i signed up on infolinks but my question is how to set up ads in my site?

  10. I’ve seen a lot of posts about earning much more with Infolinks compared to Adsense. I have long stopped displaying adsense on my blog because I only earned cents. I guess Infolinks is worth trying it out.

  11. fulblogging says:

    Very interesting info.
    There is little question as a beginner, if adsense can co-exist with infolinks?

    • Timon Weller says:

      Hey Fulblogging,
      I don’t know why i get asked this question all the time, but for the record to all again “YES IT IS COMPETELY FINE..”

  12. I have been using adsense and seem to have hit a $$ ceiling with them. I truly suspect that they are limiting my earnings by displaying low CTR ads after I have earned the amount they want me to have. Every month it is the same…Strong start and halfway though the month it tapers and by the end of the month it is down to just a few bucks. End result, I can’t get over $200/month. Anyone ever heard of that? I have been steadily increasing pages and traffic, but the CTR’s keep dropping as needed to keep me under this number. I hope Infolinks pays off for my “to many to mention” sites.

    • Timon Weller says:

      Hey Victor,
      Earning over $200 dollars a month from Adsense is good earnings considering smart pricing and the fact they are only one income source.. The reason you are hitting the same is i believe that even though your increasing pages and traffic, the good traffic is consistently the same readers.. Try to implement other related target audiences and see if it increases..

  13. Timon,

    Thanks. Things are already looking up. We have made over $350 this week in affiliate products. “Adsense only” was a weak and lazy way to go!

  14. I use adbrite and infolinks on my site. So far so good I don’t notice any slower load time and the ads are generally relevant to what my content is. So far I am impressed!

  15. Karen Hayes says:

    i love google Adsense, it enables me to earn money on the websites and forums that i have put up several years ago. if you got tons of websites, you can earn a lot from Adsense alone

  16. @Karen But it will be doubled if you have other source of income aside from Adsense. Infolinks can be a good source to monetize your site

  17. I recently found a new program that is an Adsense alternative named, Prosperent. You should check it out as it is extremely customizable and has a high eCPM. I highly recommend it.

  18. I am newbie on infolinks and Dont know how well it works ? I worked with adsense,its amazing but not working so good with mine..So i decided to rest my adsense for a month and try infolinks,lets see

  19. Tutorial, Tips, Trick, Info. says:

    iam newbie in infolink, buts realy my friends earned 200$ perday with 1000 + impression perday, my friends blog about blackberry

  20. jehzlau says:

    Glad to hear about this. I think Infolinks is now better than Adsense in terms of CPC and CPM. But have you tried Chitika? If your site is Approved in Chitika Gold, you’ll earn a lot even if no one clicks on the Ads. If you have a million impressions per day, you’ll earn more than you can ever imagine. 🙂

    @Tutorial Guy – wow that’s a lot for 1000+ impressions daily!

  21. Gourav sharma says:

    I am earning apprx. 2 USD per day on ~100 clicks
    I guess it is a little low..

  22. Ahmed Ali says:

    Quite useful information. Would appreciuate if someone could tell me, Do they accept publishers from Pakistan.


    Ahmed Ali.

  23. Just want to know will adding infolinks reduce clicks from visitors on adsense?

  24. Thanks for the useful info, I’ll try Infolinks and keep you posted on my results.

  25. same with my case, i don’t have a high traffic site. only averaging like 50-60 unique visit a day, but i can say that infolinks generates something for me everyday, unlink Adsense where i don’t earn anything most of the time. could be because Adsense is widely known and used to it, so users has the tendency to ignore them more.

  26. but maximum how much Infolinks pays per click? plz tell

    • I have had clicks for a few cents and I have had clicks as much as a dollar or higher, it all depends. It also depends on the niche, I find the health niche pays best per click.

  27. i have been trying infolinks for the past one week
    this is very informative post, by this i want to continue infolinks

  28. I am just currently earning from Adsense. But I’m hesitant to put infolinks because it looks spammy. I always put inlinks to my blog posts, and adding the infolinks may look the blog too “linky”. I think I will go after with Affiliate products. I learned a lot from this article and from the long comments here. Adsense alone is really low and lazy.

  29. Animesyncer says:

    it looks like there will be no competition between this two monetizing method all we have to do is to use it in a proper way iam i right?

  30. thank you very much timon weller, if I early find your website, I think i wouldn’t lost many money in adsense, no matter how from now on, i will follow your step to build my infolinks start now.

  31. Is there a way to adjust the setting of tag cloud. i don’t want them to be there at down below the post,they could have earned so much better if they could have been on top rather then bottom. please help.

  32. Got my answer. Thanks!

  33. Diogo Castro says:

    Timon what about result links? are they legit?

    • Infolinks is a great earner hey, it just depends on niche targeted.. My comparison was from a few years ago, but the results i see in my account are not much different.. However some of my sites perform better with adsense than infolinks and some the other way round..


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