Omegatrend – Multi Level Marketing Program

As i mentioned in an earlier post what is Mlm?, I said i used to be involved in a Multi level Marketing company called Omegatrend. The reason i am bringing up Omegatrend is it taught me a lot about how marketing worked and thought i could share some values with you and some aspects i learned…

What is Omegatrend?

omegatrendFirst of all i joined up to Omegatrend back in early 2002…My upline was Don Wilson and Mars Browne who introduced me to the business and how it worked..
Omegatrend is a Muti Level Marketing program that started in 1984…Co founded by Lauren and Sandra Watts…If you joined the Omegatrend business you could sell there system and also refer people to the business as well…From all people you referred like most Mlm’s you would receive a commission of there earnings as well…

How Omegatrend Worked?

How Omegatrend worked was it was a system you plugged into of stuff you already did now except you received a commission or in Omegatrend terms, Global Points… Anything that generated a commission was turned into global points and at the end of the month how much you had was how much you earned…

You earned commission / Global points in Omegatrend from –

  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Credit Cards
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Travel

All in all Omegatrend was a smart system for getting money from our everyday things we do…I soon developed a downline of shoppers who i had referred to Omegatrend and were using the system as well, one of these people being my dad..

After a year of doing the Program i was introduced by a friend to an Internet marketing seminar on Internet Marketing… Later in which i started my online network business as it is now…

Shortly after commencing work online i noticed that my downline in Omegatrend had crumbled (about 15 people i had referred to the business had slacked off or left)…omegatrend multi level marketing programWhat had happened in the end i realised was that i had focused on signing people up who were young like me but were not motivated…In the end it was me holding the business up with my motivation and so i made a decision to let go and to commit to my Internet business…

Overall Omegatrend was one of the best learning experiences, it taught me how to work with people and how people act in motivated situations..

Some of the key learning experiences i can pass on to you that you can use in any Business (Learnt from working with Omegatrend) –

  • Stay Motivated always…
  • Don’t think of people as money think of them as people who have emotions…
  • Refer people to programs, don’t hard sell..
  • Using Multiple income commissions is smart business, eg multiple advertising revenues for your website…
  • Working smart rather than hard…What i mean by working smart is by leveraging a sale, making a commission one time is one sale, but a residual commission is working smarter…I will explain this in a future post in more detail..

Some of the people i once worked with in Omegatrend are now earning some amazing high incomes…It’s interesting the choices we make along the way…

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  1. Aaron Horsey of says:

    I don’t know if you know. In August 2006 Omegatrend was brought by a New Zealand Company called New Image. Today we are building a new era in the business. At the present moment New Image is in 8 countries with a 30 million dollar profit for this year. It is also listed on the New Zealand stock exchange. Please contact me for more details.

  2. Timon Weller says:

    Hey Aaron..
    Good to hear Omegatrend is still going well hey… Interesting to hear Omegatrend is on the the New Zealand Stock Exchange as well.

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