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Who doesn’t know James Bond..? The guy with incredible missions? He comes across all these obstacles along his way doing the mission, but he still gets the mission completed…Right…? Do the mission, beat up the boss, get the girl and get paid, perfect day…

In a funny sense there is no difference with blogging…see it like a mission… be 007 blog and get the post done, use your typing as your weapon… (help save the world..lol..!)

Welcome to the blogging world, you have your blog setup and your ready to write. What do you write about mainly do you ask? I would write about things that inspire you, things you love talking about or discussing with your friends. What you feel you can openly discuss for hours, that’s a good start.

Some elements you want to add to your writing style are always bring the reader in to your post. Write like a good talker and listener. Always give knowledge and advice and ways to help the reader in any post. This will help you with your readership levels.

“007 Blog.. James Blog..”

007 Blog - License to Write
Once your blog is up and going why not add a few related Affiliate Programs to your blog to earn a bit of extra money? Some good examples of Affiliate Programs can be seen on this blog. Having a blog not only gives you a licence to write a lot but also gives you a chance to earn an extra income. I mean why not earn a bit of money while you write as well…?

Overall blogging has opened up many doors to many writers as a different way to express themselves without writing a book. Instead of the writer earning from conventional book sales the writers earnings go up the more there blog grows and is monetized…


  1. I Like james bond movies… I love bond..

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