10 Surefire Tips to Keeping your Visitors on your Website or Blog Longer

10 surefire tips to keeping your visitors on your website or blog longer

Hey All, Timon Weller here.. How is your traffic going?

Keeping people on your website or blog not only increases your reader base or traffic levels but also your income potential it can have if you are monetizing your website.

10 Surefire Ways to keep Visitors Longer on your Website –

1 ) Open links to other sites or affiliate programs in a new window by adding target=”_blank”> at the end of affiliate html. Eg. <a href=”http://www.your-affiliate-link-url.com” target=”_blank”>

2 ) Write informative posts or pages, answer all questions relating to title.

3 ) Use Headings to break up your page and paragraphs and have the headings in different color to your text. Eg. Blue or Orange Headings.

4 ) Use images in you post or pages related to the post. An image says a lot and encourages more reading.

5 ) Write good articles, content pages or posts that keep readers coming back to read more..

6 ) It has been shown that having a Contact Us on your website and an image of yourself on your website somewhere increases time spent on website.

7 ) Be Title specific to your post or content page, if a visitor comes to your website after clicking on your page title in the search engines they are looking specifically for that topic.

8 ) Be polite and not rude in posts or content pages to other sites. Always write in a respectful way. People in general don’t like complainers.. If you are not agreeing with another site you can write about it still, just do it in a respectful way.

9 ) Always be willing to help readers or customers on your website or blog. Just like you appreciate being helped in real life, this is one way to create reader or customer loyalty for your website and also create repeat business or readership.

10 ) Answer your comments and interact with you readers that comment on you blog. This one only applies to blogs and commenting websites. Accept and disregard comments every few days and keep them updated. What you want here is a social type element on your blog.

The more social aspects you make around your blog the more longer people will stay on your blog…

Using Trial and Error to keep Visitors Longer on your Website…

Other than the list above, trial and error is another way. Look at your stats as well as time spent on your website. Implement changes, different templates etc and look at the results.

Keep at it until you are seeing better time spent on your site… Good Luck…

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