100 Comments to my Blog in one Day!

This was an interesting one, usually I get around 20 comments a day, however today when I checked my stats, It was around 101 comments.. I was like wow, that’s a bit high, so I went into my comments and there was the issue, for some reason the Askimet spam Plugin had deactivated yesterday and hey presto within 12 hours that’s what happens..

It just goes to show how well this spam filter works, so I wanted to thank all the creators of this Plugin for creating this standard Plugin that comes with the WordPress installation. It really does work and if your not using it with WordPress it really is worth it.. Thanks again..

Once I reactivated the plugin all I needed to do was search for spam again in my comments and hey presto 16 comments waiting for approval, now that sounds more realistic.. Anyways I thought I would share that comment boost with you all, unfortunately 80% of it was all spam..

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