3 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Make More Money Online

3 affiliate marketing tips to make more money onlineThere are many affiliate marketing tips or techniques to make good money out there, however in this post I wanted to focus on the three which I Timon Weller from the Buyers Web Blog, find most effective in creating more affiliate sales and hence make more money. If you are not using much affiliate marketing, but have been thinking about it, this post can help you as well..

The 3 tips to focus on when marketing or selling of any type online to help anyone greatly is showing these three aspects when writing – Emotion, testimonies and the benefit to the reader. (hopefully you jotted them down…?) If you decide to apply these, you can thank me one day down the track as they work wonders..

Emotional Affiliate Marketing or Blogging –

Creating emotion is the most important aspect in any form of writing online, not only do you increase sales, you also increase the realism of your blog and make more interested readers. You can create an emotional response when referring an affiliate program by simply saying how it effected you or by bringing in inspiration on how the affiliate program has helped others.. The more, the emotional response the more action any reader will be involved, whether it is be just sharing your post or web page with the social networks or whether they choose to buy, the chances of a positive reaction are greatly improved.

Some examples of creating emotion is –

I remember when..
The service is awesome..
The first thing i noticed about them is they helped me with…

Other elements you may wish to look at, are you putting yourself enough into your posts or web pages..? And are you including a photo of yourself..? Remember when writing online we are all partly selling ourselves so remember to use yourself as well when writing.

Testimonies and Affiliate Marketing 

Testimonies is an easy one, for starters you can use you own, bring yourself into how the product or service is, if you used it your self. Feel free to ask affiliate programs if you can use there testimonies, I have only occasionally been turned down on this one so nine times out of ten, you will get a response from the affiliate provider saying feel free to use them on your website or blog.. Apply at least 2 in an article or post and this makes an excellent positive reaction, in fact each testimony improves the readers out look on the product or service being more genuine as the they screen the benefits to themselves.

Benefit to the Reader Affiliate Marketing

This aspect is important and I seem to have trouble not including it in most of my online writing whether I am marketing or not. I think it is a great aspect to show the reader quickly as they skim over your post some benefits to them, if they relate to one of them, they generally will read the whole post. Simply just jot down a few benefits like this example below –

Are you looking for –

  • More Sales
  • More Traffic
  • All completely free
  • More email Rss Readers

If you label it in an easy to see location in the post or web page beginning, it can really get the readers attention and in some ways sum up the posts or pages benefit in reading.

The three techniques above do not only apply in online affiliate marketing, they are also a great technique to practice to create more inspirational writing. We all as Bloggers or online Writers have the power to inspire as well, helping one person online, can totally change there world and our own. Even though writing does not have to be all about selling, it is complementing to make a nice extra bit of money along the way, don’t you think..?

Timon Weller is a full time, Online Internet Marketer that has been making a living online since 2006. Timon Weller currently runs 8 successful websites online including ecommerce, blogs and directories. The main focus of my Buyers Web blog is to help people make money online via affiliate marketing, affiliate tips and blogging… Affiliate and Online Internet marketing have given me the freedom to travel, spend more time with people, work wherever I like and enjoy life as much as possible..¬† If you are interested in any of these as well, feel free to drop by my blog often or subscribe via email..


  1. Great tips emotion is to me very important and most people don’t understand the aspects of creating emotion. Very well done, keep up the good work.

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