3 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

I was recently asked to list one easy way to make money online and so i thought, why not list 3 ways. There are so many ways to make money online but i thought i would list the three prominent ones to get you started. These three main techniques are based on my own personal experience with working online.

“There are so many ways to make money online, in the end it’s all about working smart…”

  1. Using a website or a blog to write about or sell items which you are interested in. 3 easy ways to make money onlineIf you are interested in the topic or item you are selling then it makes it a lot easier to sell or write about. As an example If it’s a blog then you can use the blog to make money by adding related items to sell on your posts.
  2. Affiliate Programs are one of the easiest ways to make money online because you are not selling you own stock, you are just focusing on the marketing of the product. Cutting out 90% of the hard work…You can spend your time to promote the affiliate programs on your blog or website. I especially recommend residual commission affiliate programs such as Allposters or Resellers Panel. What i mean by residual is once you have made a sale you will continue to get commission. Popular Affiliate programs such as contextual advertising (two examples are Bidvertiser or Kontera) are another good way of making money online however they require a lot of traffic to your website or blog.
  3. And the 3rd easy way to make money online is to work with a dropshipping company, this cuts out all the usual work that you would normally have to do in a retail web business. What is a dropshipping company? They are a wholesaler that sends the products for you when you get a sale. Very similar to Affiliate marketing except not as easy i believe, it involves a lot more work. As a dropshipper you look like the seller to customers, so answering customer questions and delivery details is a common task. Also every time you get an order it has to be put through manually to the dropshipping company. However overall it is a lot easier way of making money online compared to sending the products yourself. Because when the wholesaler sends it for you then you can focus most of your time on marketing.

Well there you go, that’s 3 easy ways and techniques to make money online. With any of the above all you need after that is traffic and preferably targetted traffic.


  1. Jeff Paul Internet Millions says

    whenever someone visits that site, the registered owner makes money, itโ€™s called traffic. For every person that visits these sites and every sale that these sites make, the owner is paid a commission. Which pretty much sums up what this Jeff Paul program is

  2. Hey Jeff,
    I am somewhat confused with your comment, are you saying people earn from visits and sales created.. If that is what you are meaning then yes that is one important element needed to make money online.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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