3 of the Best Persuasive Affiliate Marketing Tips

How are your Affiliate Program Sales going..? While you could read on and on and on about how to market your Affiliate Products here at Buyers Web, here are three tips in which I focus on and work best for me.

1)  Persuasive Affiliate Marketing Tips – Create Emotion – Creating emotion on a web page is an awesome way of seeing your side of the persuasion. It’s also very important to remember we all run on emotions so creating it in posts or web pages is essential in any form of persuasive writing. Simple lines like…

Have you ever felt this way..?
When this happened to me I..?
Do you remember..?

By getting your audience more involved emotionally you will increase retention (length of stay) of your audience as well.. Do not see so much emotion as a marketing tool, be yourself in this area..

2) Persuasive Affiliate Marketing Tips – Testimonies – Testimonies or quotes are an important side of persuasion, they add voice or short benefit summaries of the marketed item to involve and relate to the audience.. Using at least one quote or testimony in a post or web page can significantly improve affiliate program sales…

3) Persuasive Affiliate Marketing Tips – Good Page and Content Structure – Lastly do your research of the marketed product or service. Construct your writing well with nice interval headings and keep to the point. Keeping to the point as much as possible is an important part of persuasion… And lastly offer to find out more about about the product or service in conclusion, refer more and try not to much to sell, sell, sell…

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“Do not forget to ask your audience questions as well like at the beginning of this post, this is another way to involve your audience and create an emotional response..”


  1. Matthew Lord says

    The Power of Persuasion certainly applies to affiliate marketing! In order to be pursuasive you must appear as an expert in your particular niche. I can think of no better way to accompish this than through article marketing.

    Are you article marketing?

  2. Hey Matthew,
    I think article marketing has it’s place online, but i would not recommend it as the best option, i would see it more like side exposure to influence your blog…

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