3 Reasons for adding an Image to a Web Page

3 reasons for adding an image to a web pageImages are a powerful medium for websites, they can create all sorts of emotional response from your readers, increase traffic, as well as make you more money.. In this post I wanted to address three reasons why to include a related Image in a post a or web page.

3 Reasons to Use Images in Web Pages

1 ) The first reason for including an image in a blog post or web page is to make the post or page stand out from other websites. An image really can say a 1000 words and keep readers coming back as well.. If the related image includes yourself, it can have a double combo meaning and can allow the readers to see more of the blogger behind the blog (or writer behind the website) itself as well as be creative..

2 )  The second reason for adding an image to a web page is it helps readers who are less likely to read to understand the post more as well. An image can earn you money if the image relates to what the reader is after.. Think about the increase in conversion for an image banner to a related affiliate program in a post or web page that relates to the post..

3 )  The third reason to use images in web pages would have to be for image, for appearance and to make your blog or website look really good. Images can make any website look better, just look around and you will see what mean, not only that images have a way in creating a positive emotional response..

If you can think of any other reasons for adding an image to a web page, feel free to comment below.. For information on how to make images look good in a post or webpage click here.

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