3 Reasons why Wikipedia is Number 1 for most Keyword Searches?

3 reasons why wikipedia is number one in the search engines for most keywordsYou use the search engines right? Have you ever noticed how often Wikipedia comes up 1st for most keywords. It really is a dominant website and in this post I wanted to show the three main reasons they are at the top. By understanding how one website has better ranking it makes it easier to work it out for yourself and with your own web site.

3 Reasons why Wikipedia is Number 1 for most Search Engine Searches?

1. ) First of all, Wikipedia is massive, it has millions of content based web pages and search engines rank on this as part of there overall algorithm.

2. ) Backlinks are plenty, wikipedia has so many back links. Part of the back links wikipedia receives were passed back onto wikipedia as a reference to there own references in there own website. Unfortunately, however now that wikipedia uses nofollow in there reference links it has made other websites swap or referencing more beneficial to them. If you link reference wikipedia, it is best in future to use nofollow on there links.

However back to my point on there massive amount of Back Links.  They use a lot of  techniques for encouraging back links with image use, referencing, content and the social aspect of many contributors. Combine that with how much content they have and hey presto..

3. ) Internal linking, this is so important to any website and Wikipedia is a perfect example of internal linking working at it’s best. This effects search engine algorithms as well as it passes rank between pages internally and makes a better experience for readers.


  1. Luca Di Nicola says

    I agree, SEO is the best way to get consistent traffic. Internal linking is sometthing I keep putting off. Thanks for the reminder. I really need to do more of that.
    Thanks for the post

  2. wow..great reason…I never notice about internal linking…now I’m going to try for my post :D, thnks

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