3 Steps to Writing a Good Product Page

When writing a product page on a E-Commerce store it is important to remember a few tips to improve conversions. This is the technique I use and makes me also feel more comfortable when buying online from other stores. The steps below are pretty simple yet if used right, can improve sales dramatically from your e-commerce site.

1 ) Contact Us Page or Support Page – Keep this in clear view as it helps reassure the customer that communication is possible after payment. This is probably the most important so try to put in view of where the customer can see it easily.

2 ) Benefits of the Product – Got to mention the benefits of the product, this is so important..

An Example – Benefits of Reading this Post

  • Better Conversion
  • Better Customer Trust
  • Make More Money
  • More Return or Repeat Orders

(The Benefits are what the customer wants and why we all buy…)

3 ) Testimonies – Testimonies are great, they help us learn what other people think of a product and build more customer trust. If you can gather at least three testimonies per product it can help a great deal..

In conclusion it is all about making the customer comfortable with the purchase. Another tip to add would be to make sure to use good images, and make sure the description is great. If you are unsure ask a friend to read and critique or visit a few forums for some advice..

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