5 Reasons Why Free Web Hosting Sucks!

Free web hosting can seem like a good idea for those on a budget and cannot affordable a good web hosting service. However is it something not worth your investment in the the end for time spent and effort done?

Below are 5 reasons for which I believe free hosting is not the right choice… If you were thinking of choosing a free host, go ahead only if you are not interested in making money online or creating good amounts of traffic..

1) Free Web Hosting Advertisements

To counter it being free a lot of free web hosting companies will put some advertisements in your web site. Maybe in the header or footer area. This is the way that they profit from providing it for free. This advertisement will not represent your investment and will only downgrade the effort of your website or blog..

2) Server Cannot be Found!

The website has no online guarantee, basically your site may be there sometimes, other times not, if your website is important that would really suck..

3) Low Customer Support

What would you expect from a free web host, this area is always going to be low.. In fact you may have to wait a week for a response at all, which could really suck as well…

4) Website Url Sucks

This is an important one in the aspect of url branding, basically free website hosting urls look really dodgy and make any service you provide seem lower than real websites.. Think about the power of users being able to remember a site url, if it is a free sub-domain, what the..? How will they remember that..?

Not only does the url suck, but many search engines have been indicated to ignore free web hosts all together..

5) Lastly.. Paid Web Hosting Can be Cheap

If your serious about running your own blog or website forking out 5 to 6 dollars a month is nothing.. Simply just add a banner from your website promoting a related service to cover the costs of the hosting if you want or monetize your site to make even more money.. The worst investment out there is designing a blog with a great service but not investing that small amount for a domain name and hosting. I am sorry, most readers will just ignore your service no matter how great it is.. And lastly that would really suck don’t you think? For more information on web hosting, visit my post on Cheap Web Hosting Services I Recommend.

Please do not be offended by me referring to free web hosting as sucking, I have been there once myself, I am just hoping to help some people make the right decision.


  1. Luca Di Nicola says

    Hi Timon,
    Good post. Another reason to get self hosted over free is branding. If you have your own domain names they stay with you and all the Marketing will pay off in the long run.
    The longer you have the sites the better they will do with search engines as well

  2. Very true, url branding is a very important aspect of choosing paid web hosting.. Especially when it is easy to remember the url..

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