5 Smart Natural Search Engine Advertising Tips

Here are a  couple of Search Engine Advertising Tips, that can help dramatically in increasing traffic in the natural search engines.. What I mean by advertising is increasing traffic with search engines by giving the search engines what they want as well as the readers..

5 Natural Search Engine Tips

1 ) Keyword Niche Targeting – Write down all possible combinations people may use to search for in your niche and write about each keyword aspect on a separate page.. Include related keywords to your niche as well and use plenty of how to’s..? Try to begin with write down a list of up to 100 and then when they are done write down another list..

2 ) Use Headings – Why so many people do not use headings in there pages /posts I am unsure, summing up each paragraph with a heading looks better to the reader as well as is high relevance in the search engines..

3 ) Link your Pages up that relate to each other – On any website when you have a few hundred pages or posts it is best to go through manually and link one keyword in each page, not only does it increase page views but makes a better reader experience on your website.. If you use wordpress a good plugin to do this automatically is contextual related links.. Linking up related pages helps search engines rank your pages more better for those related areas..

4 ) Use search engine friendly pages or posts Urls – An example of this on this blog, try not to have confusing looking pages or posts, it confuses readers as well as confuses search engine robots.. Keep it simple..

5 ) Use bold on important words and keywords in content – This is a really important tip, it makes it easier for readers when they see bold important words in paragraphs and allows the skim readers to see the important facts in posts. Search engines also see these words as more important in text so give them more weight..


  1. nice tips..thx 😀

  2. Justin Brooke says

    These search engine tips should be followed or should at least guide our interested webmasters. If these are followed, boost in traffic will just follow.

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