5 ways to beat Writers Block on your Blog?

5 ways to beat writers block on your blogIf you are a blog writer you will be familiar with the feeling of, oh what do i write about today. It’s that writers block again….Ahhh…. Don’t panic it happens to us all, hey. The best thing to do is first just relax, it is part of being a writer. Next let’s look at the aspects to get you back on track. I have compiled 5 methods to create inspiration again for your writing and to hopefully remove that block writers get asap.

5 Ways to remove Writers Block :

  1. Get away from your computer and go for a nice long walk, surprisingly effective
  2. Watch some tv or movies – Inspiring movies preferably
  3. Read some other Blogs and jot down some ideas
  4. Chat to your friends and have a break from writing for a while
  5. Spend some time with your family or partner

These are the many ideas that help me keep inspired while i write. Overall if you have a break and do some things you enjoy you will find ideas coming back to your head. Sometimes when i sleep, i wake up in the morning and the idea’s are back… “the inspiration is back”.

It’s important to remember that sometimes when we get writers block it is a way of saying have a break from writing and let the mind roam other thoughts. In the end your inspiration to write again will come back i’m sure.

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