Are you Addicted to Checking your Online Stats?

Web statistics, Google stats, affiliate stats, PPC stats, whatever stats…? Do you feel the stats check addiction coming on, geez i have not checked how many visitors i have gotten today, am i unwell? All web owners know they suffer from this issue to some degree. What do you think..? However is checking all the time really helping your online business other than seeing, or saying wow i got a few more visitors today..?

“I know myself i go through it occasionally where i think, what haven’t i checked today… Oh yeah how many visitors did my blog get today..? Hmmm…”

Even though some statistics look really pretty and help show some online progression, it unfortunately doesn’t really help that much checking them all the time… Once a week is fine… Maybe i should check my stats now… (I’m joking)?

Have you checked your Online Statistics Lately…?


  1. Andika Kusuma says

    You got me man….

    I checked my stats every day and sometimes 2-4 times a day….

  2. Timon Weller says

    Yeah, I think i might check my stats now… 🙂

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