Adding the Buyers Web Community Widget – from MyBlogLog

buyers web community widget from mybloglogYesterday i added a new widget from MyBlogLog as you can see in the right sidebar called the community widget. What it displays is the thirty most popular visitors to your website that are from MyBlogLog.

MyBlogLog is another good way to promote and share your blog online. It is a very large blog social network based on organising blog owners and blog commenter’s together. I have only been using MyBlogLog for a short period of time now and it is good to see i have over 70 people in my community already.

What is a community on MyblogLog you may ask..? It is people that are interested in your blog and your writing and read your posts often and get updates on MyBlogLog of your latest posts… Like a real community except for the difference, it is a community for Bloggers…

I particularly think images of people is an important element of sprucing up your blog… The widget makes your blog look more visual…Timon Weller

MyBlogLog is another way of generating quality visitors and increasing comments on your blog… I definitely recommend using them as a good blogging aid. To join my MyBlogLog Community or to Sign Up to MyBlogLog click here.

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