Adding more Images for your Products using OscMax

After an installation of the oscmax script on your web host for selling products online, one question that is commonly asked is how to add extra images for a product? Oscmax comes built with the Oscommerce contrib called Dynamic Mopics. What this contribution allows is extra images per product you add to your store. The tricky thing is that not much advice is given on how to add more images, so here is a basic guide to help those below.

How do you add more Product Images for each Product in OscMax – Step by Step..? (For Cpanel based hosting…)

Log into your host admin, then click on file manager (under files category on main page), then click the www plus symbol to the left, then click the images plus symbol, then click on images_big, once in there click upload above, then click browse for the image on your computer, let the file finish uploading and then it will be in this folder.

Just make sure they are the same file name as selected in your Oscmax admin for the product except have numbers at the end…. eg if the file name uploaded in the Oscmax admin for the product is example.jpg in this folder (images_big and thumbs) upload example_1.jpg, example_2.jpg and so on…

Now do the same in the thumbs folder (under images as well) upload the extra images. Upload example_1.jpg, example_2.jpg and so on…

When the same extra pic (example_1.jpg as example) is in both folders thumbs and images_big it will show in your store under that product automatically..  And there you go, hey presto, more images for each product…

I have attached a screen shot below to show both the folders in your admin, open this to see the sequence above… It also has steps as well for doing this.. Click on image below (opens in new window) to see full view.

Adding more Images for your Products using OscMax

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