Affiliate Marketing Tip – Targeted Affiliate Program Marketing on Page!

While there are many ways to target affiliate marketing online i believe the best has to in a post or page. Basically by using a related affiliate program to the post or page you can dramatically improve your conversions. I have noticed that this technique, on many occasions is not used by many top affiliate marketers, yet it is such a powerful way of marketing!

Targeted Affiliate Marketing has Higher Results!

While i know it is not rocket science the reason i wanted to post about this is because it is a commonly overlooked way of marketing. Next time you write a page or post try it and see what the results are. Part of being a good Affiliate Marketer is to try more and more new things all the time and see what the final results are.

A good example of this technique is looking at a lot of Google AdSense dominated websites, they place there google ads in prominent positions on the page to increase click through rates, however imagine the higher earning potential you can receive if you replace it with related Affiliate Programs. Some commission earnings from good affiliate programs can leave PPC’s, sometimes in the dust.

Better Commissions per Click on Average by Using Targeting PPA Affiliate Programs!

Even if the commission is only $30 dollars per hundred visitors you send to the program, that equates to 30 cents per click. Basically that is where Affiliate Targeting comes in, it increases the conversion amount even further. Possibly this is a technique a lot of good Affiliate Marketers would not want to discuss as it is a valuable way to increase earnings..

Use PPC Affiliate Marketing and PPA Affiliate Programs Together – It’s like Earning Insurance…

First of all i am not saying to not use PPC advertising, basically what i am suggesting to you is to use multiple avenues of income such as PPA Affiliate Programs as well. This not only derives more income for your website but also protects you by not placing all your eggs or earnings in one basket.. Basically like Earning Insurance!

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