Affiliate Relationships – Helping your Affiliates Make Money

One way of affiliate marketing is by building affiliate relationships. Simply put this is the guiding of new affiliates you refer in a program and helping them make money online. Many top affiliate marketers are doing it and it does work.. It just takes quite a bit of your own time as investment.. Let me explain how it all works..

The Makings of a Affiliate Relationship

First of all to explain let me describe the two different types of affiliate referrals, those that are referred by your website however are never contacted, hoping the affiliate program itself will guide them to making money so you will receive a portion or percentage of there commissions as well..

And the other one is when you refer contact via email to welcome to the program and offer to help them get there first sale or sales. Both work to get affiliates however this one greatly improves the the success ratio of building successful affiliate commissions under you in the future from the referred affiliate.

This form of affiliate relationship depends totally on the affiliate program, if say the affiliate program offers no residual commissions for affiliates referred then do not bother, where as if it does below is a brief way to approach your referred affiliate member or person..

Communication Success in Affiliate Relationships

1 ) Affiliate Relationships – Email welcoming them to the program and offering to help get them there first sale.. This creates excitement and gets them interested.. How you get the sale can be decided between you both, it is up to you.. The main focus is the motivation, In a sense the affiliate is getting there own sale, you are just motivating and guiding them on how to do so..

2 ) Affiliate Relationships – Follow up via email a few weeks later after first sale and see how they are going.. If it looks like they are getting less interest now, ask them politely how they are going with it and listen to what they say.. Offer more help or advice and see what they say..

3 ) Affiliate Relationships – If the response is not good, it generally is because of false hope believing they cannot earn by themselves so put some time in yourself I you like to help them understand how it all works or choose to let them go, it is up to you..

4 ) Affiliate Relationships – If they are doing well and have established a good marketing base for the program then congratulate them via email on there progress.  Later on congratulate yourself as you truly have impacted another’s life for the better.. Well done..

The biggest element in helping others make money online is time investment, this is probably the biggest factor on why many others do not do it. I usually find if I do decide to invest time into someone it is always good to ask the referral politely in the first email, what aspects of making money online motivates them..? Listen to there response and there drive (motivation).. You can also simply ask why they want to make money online as well..? listen to there answers here as well.. This can help to help better understand your referred affiliate, build a better affiliate relationship and make you and your affiliate more money online..


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