Ahhh… PPC Programs are Affiliate Programs!

This is a common misconception out there that PPC Programs such as AdSense or Bidvertiser or Adbrite are different to standard affiliate programs, when in fact they are just a type of affiliate program… The only difference is one pays on a per click basis and the other pays on a per action basis.

When monetizing your website if you wish to make more money online you can choose to use both forms of Affiliate programs. The biggest advice i can give though, is make sure the Affiliate program you are promoting is related to your blog or website. When deriving from both avenues it allows more avenues of income while not hindering your visitors reading experience if it is related. In fact if you ask me, if the affiliate program is really related to your blog it improves your websites overall theme…

Use both PPC programs and related PPA programs to create multiple streams of income…

We must not forget that like all marketing online, it is a side avenue of income, the main focus is to make an enjoyable experience for the readers to read from your website. Readers or visitors first so to speak, then like all things related to marketing the second will come from that…


  1. i have a question. is it advisable for personal blogs to also make money out of affiliate programs? because i heard that affiliate programs are for blogs with a specific niche. since personal blogs doesn’t really have one niche because it could range from the author’s personal experiences to his/her favorite things, would such blogs have a chance to earn through affiliate programs?

  2. Timon Weller says

    Hi Blanne,
    Personal blogs are fine as well, but only put specific affiliate ads on specific posts, like if you do a post on furniture placing a 250 by 250 image ad of an affiliate program selling furniture will do awesome.. but only on that furniture post… Its like a targetted ad then.. Affiliate networks such as Pepperjam are best for this, as you can choose between over 500 quality programs to place image ads on one particular post… And the best thing of all it is managed by one interface in your Pepperjam admin… 🙂

  3. oh. i never thought of that one. i was always trying to place affiliate ads on my sidebar but never did get any money out of them. maybe because the ads weren’t related to every post on my blog.

    thanks for answering my question. subscribed via email by the way. 🙂

  4. Timon Weller says

    Your welcome, you will have a lot more success and conversion putting targetted ads in posts that are related to the post.

    Thanks heaps for subscribing… 🙂

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