All Blogs are a Social Network! Blogs Vs Social Networks!

One aspect of looking at a blog is how it operates… Basically it is like your own social network, the best bit about it is, it is run by you and allows your own expression… So many friends of mine spend hours upon hours on social media networks such as Facebook or Myspace when they could be spending some of the aspects on there own blog building there own online presence… Below is a comparison between the two online profile methods, if you are a blog owner feel free to comment below what you think..?

Let’s look at what i am saying… Social Networks

  • Allow hooking up of friends
  • Allow comments
  • Allow forums
  • Allow posts
  • Allow your own profile of yourself, about me etc…

Okay so now let’s look at Blogs and the many more benefits…

  • Allow friend hookup through Blog Social Media Networks such as Mybloglog or Blogcatalog
  • ¬†Allow comments
  • Allow discussions like forums
  • Allow posts
  • Allow pages
  • Allow search engine views
  • Having the ability to make money online!
  • Being able to discuss what you want when you want…
  • Creating a online presence for further web presence
  • Creating your own community on your blog them or niche of like minded commenters
  • Your the boss!
  • From the ads on your own blog you make money, not the social network
  • Own about me page or profile page
  • Many, many more, but i think you get the idea…

Evaluation of Both – Social Networks or your Own Blog – Which is Better!

So after evaluation, Blogs have 90% of what other social media networks have but have so much more to offer, without having to abide by these networks rules. I am not saying to not use these networks, what i am saying is with a blog you can see how there can be so much more satisfaction. I can’t talk fully i spend a bit of time on these networks and use them as well, they have a place, however you can’t compare the feeling of the community around your own blog…

In my opinion Blogs allow more interaction online in a more personal way that a Social Network can not… Also if your blog and social networks are used together the combo is an absolute social environment where both can benefit… Advertise your blog on your social networks and on your blog Advertise your social network profiles you are part of… That way your community can build quicker..


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