Allposters Review – Make Money from posters

With first impressions of the the Allposters Affiliate program i thought there would be a lot of competition in there market but was surprised to find they are the main poster distributor online.

They are a quality provider of Posters and Art. If you become part of there Affilaite Program you can sell there posters from your website and receive up to 30% in commission from sales.

Benefits of the Allposters Affiliate Program :

  • Up to 30% commission per sale generated from your website
  • Over 300,000 Art and Poster prints to choose to sell
  • They use cookies for Affiliate visits meaning even if the customer returns later and buys you get a commission
  • They are a Two tier Affiliate program meaning you will a commission from people you refer to there Program. Excellent for creating a residual income.
  • Fully costomisable to your website or Blog Theme.

So far working with them i have to say they are a good program. I just received my first monthly payment in January of $21.00 dollars from them and they pay directly into your paypal account which is a bonus too i think.. I know the first payment is small but this is an example of one sale through there program and only from limited exposure. About 1000 impressions of there banner in January ($20 CPM).

The Allposters program has alot of really good earning potential with any website. Not only can you customise the ads they provide to suit your site you can customise them to your website theme. A perfect example of this is Golden Retriever posters or art for a Golden Retriever website or blog..

To sum up the program there return on investment is great. There commitment to looking after Affiliate members is a key aspect to part of there success.

Update – this affiliate program is no longer available.

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