Am I Killing My Website?

Ahhh…i have to write this post, i can’t take it any more lol…Why do some people over do there advertising on there website or blog? Well i can sort of see the the writing through the the advertising on that blog. When someone said put some advertising on there blog, they sure did go for it…hehehe jokes…

Are you killing your website…some people are…?

How to not kill your webite? –

  • Don’t overdo your page with bidvertiser or adsense, less is better…
  • Make it so you can see your writing predominantly through the advertising
  • Don’t use popups…who out there likes popups??
  • Make it so the logo is easy to see over the advertising too
  • Make the ads or affiliate banners compatible with the template
  • Make your writing easy to look at so when reading its not too bright…grey is good…
  • Unless your getting heaps of traffic, don’t use much contextual advertising? Build traffic first…
  • Also with affiliate banners keep them to a minimum unless they suit your template and there’s no point overdoing it unless you have the traffic as well…

Well here are some the major influences for your website, the key here is the balance… Like the Goldilocks story, not to hot not to cold, it has to be just right. You have to remember all this advertising is links off your website, so don’t kill your own traffic.

For a website or blog starting out this is an example of what i would recommend in advertising –

  • 3 Good Affiliate banners max, that blend well with template..If your getting heaps of traffic like over 500 a day, then maybe up it to 4 then as traffic grows so does the advertising…
  • if you use Google adsense or bidvertiser then just one ad spot, maybe at the bottom of your posts or on a website under categories..
  • — Blend these ads to your website theme also…
  • As time progresses and traffic grows work out how much advertising works for you best, play with options for your website. If a Affiliate banner gets no sales then stop using it.

In conclusion finding the balance is the key to all aspects of business… Remember if you are going to use alot of advertising, then design your website for people as well.


  1. How To Make A Website from says

    I couldn’t agree with you more on too much Adsense on a web page. I’ve tested this a few times and the only thing it accomplishes is that you’re diluting the value of the links on your page.

    If you display only 1 set of Adsense ads on a page you’re getting the to bidders and make more per bid.

    If you add 3 or 4 Adsense cells you’re also displaying ads from people not bidding as much so when someone clicks on an ad you’re only making a small percentage of what you could have made by just displaying one set of ads.

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