5 Amazing Blue Background Themes for WordPress 2011

Are you looking for an amazing and beautiful blue background wordpress themes? If so, then keep reading. Below I have selected 5 amazing and outstanding designs that can used easily on any wordpress based site. Each one selected based on quality design, professional styles and customer feedback.

5 Blue Background Themes for WordPress

1. Sky WordPress Theme

This is another amazing design from Elegant Themes. The unique design allows the user to split there wordpress blog into multiple sections giving the user a more broad and professional look. Also one can create a front less like a blog revealing the most important points of the site. This improves navigation and access for many. With this theme there is many options of blue style background.

blue wordpress theme sky theme

2. Lightbright Blue WordPress Theme

Lightbright is a totally unique style in that it divides the blog posts up into like bubbles and the sidebar blends more into the background. This helps make the content stand out more and would be good for art style blogs or similar. Very impressive style again from Elegant Themes.

brightlight blue wordpress theme

3. Studio BLUE WordPress Theme

Another excellent blue background theme from Elegant themes, this one focused on the more simple easy to navigate look. The trendy style uses a blue backgound that merges into the sidebar giving it a more unique and 3d type look. This style would suit many types of blogs that want a easy to look at magazine style layout with a different type of sidebar.

studio blue wordpress theme blue

4. Delegate Blue Background WordPress Theme

This one is a clean cut wordpress theme from Woothemes. Designed for that business look and style. With this style one can add there main products or services to there homepage an have them impressively sliding showing visitors exactly what you offer in a good easy to view slideshow. Good for review, product or service sites. Basically anything business related.

delegate blue background wordpress theme

5. Modified Headway WordPress Theme

Headway is in a total league of it’s own when it comes to what you can do. Basically said it can help anyone turn an average blog into a total unique professional design that suits you totally. This is done by its in built function, the Visual Editor. This tool allows the user to drag and drop elements, change css, edit widths, edit header designs etc, all without going into any core files straight from the browser. This is a highly recommended theme option by Buyers Web and as you can see Buyers Web is powered by it also.

headway modified blue background theme for wordpress


  1. Come on guys, what is your Favorite?

  2. I think all the Elegant Themes collection are good, but if i had to choose i would go with Light Bright above.


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