An Example of Kontera

An example of konteraYou have probably heard about Kontera and it’s ads in content…Well i just wanted to do a quick review on there program for my readers…Kontera uses in text advertising and so far they seem t be doing very well in the advertising business similar to Google Adsense…How Kontera is displayed is by the two double lined hyperlinks that appear in content…

However Kontera is a bit different they don’t seem to interfere with how your site looks at all..Overall there advertising is in the content to not be a burden on the the look of your site for your customers…Better i think…overall for getting more clicks and earning more…

The benefits of Kontera –

  • Easy to add to your sites functionality
  • More clicks meaning more money
  • Excellent for high traffic sites
  • Professional looking ads

The negatives of Kontera –

  • Low cost per click so low earnings
  • The ads don’t open in new window…that’s a big one…keep customers on your website…

Overall Kontera can be a great extra money earner online however like all contextual advertising systems like adsense etc, you need to remember that you need a lot of good traffic to make money..


  1. http://ContentLink says

    Hi Timon,

    My name is Vered and I’m from Kontera. Thanks for this post :).

    I wanted to mention that our ContentLinks are completely customizable and their settings can be easily changed to enable the ads to open in a new window.

    If you’re interested in more details please visit our KnowledgeBase which includes information about this and many other Kontera related issues.

    Publisher Services Manager

  2. http://Timon%20Weller says

    wow…awesome…feedback from kontera…thanks Vered, i will write a post on that asap…Kontera advertising sounds a lot better now…have a great day Vered…

  3. Hi Timon,
    I am with AdSense now. I would like to add another ads company and I am considering Kontera. Right now, I am looking for Kontera example link. In this post, is it the one with blue underline text. However they show infolink instead of Kontera. Am I wrong?

    • http://Timon%20Weller says

      Hey Blowfish,
      Yeah I changed from Kontera to Infolinks as they pay a lot better for this blog.. Kontera is a good program though..
      The double line example is the same style on both Kontera and Infolinks..

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