An Example of Kontera

An example of konteraYou have probably heard about Kontera and it’s ads in content…Well i just wanted to do a quick review on there program for my readers…Kontera uses in text advertising and so far they seem t be doing very well in the advertising business similar to Google Adsense…How Kontera is displayed is by the two double lined hyperlinks that appear in content…

However Kontera is a bit different they don’t seem to interfere with how your site looks at all..Overall there advertising is in the content to not be a burden on the the look of your site for your customers…Better i think…overall for getting more clicks and earning more…

The benefits of Kontera –

  • Easy to add to your sites functionality
  • More clicks meaning more money
  • Excellent for high traffic sites
  • Professional looking ads

The negatives of Kontera –

  • Low cost per click so low earnings
  • The ads don’t open in new window…that’s a big one…keep customers on your website…

Overall Kontera can be a great extra money earner online however like all contextual advertising systems like adsense etc, you need to remember that you need a lot of good traffic to make money..


  1. ContentLink says

    Hi Timon,

    My name is Vered and I’m from Kontera. Thanks for this post :).

    I wanted to mention that our ContentLinks are completely customizable and their settings can be easily changed to enable the ads to open in a new window.

    If you’re interested in more details please visit our KnowledgeBase which includes information about this and many other Kontera related issues.

    Publisher Services Manager

  2. Timon Weller says

    wow…awesome…feedback from kontera…thanks Vered, i will write a post on that asap…Kontera advertising sounds a lot better now…have a great day Vered…

  3. Hi Timon,
    I am with AdSense now. I would like to add another ads company and I am considering Kontera. Right now, I am looking for Kontera example link. In this post, is it the one with blue underline text. However they show infolink instead of Kontera. Am I wrong?

    • Timon Weller says

      Hey Blowfish,
      Yeah I changed from Kontera to Infolinks as they pay a lot better for this blog.. Kontera is a good program though..
      The double line example is the same style on both Kontera and Infolinks..

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