An Example of MediaText

In content advertising is becoming more and more popular these days as way of making money online. If you have not heard of mediatext they are an in content advertising program similar to Kontera. Currently at the moment i am doing a comparison between the two in content programs.

How do people make money with Mediatext you might ask? They make money by displaying the Ads on there blog or website and each time a website visitor visits one of the ads on the page you get a commission on the click.

So far i have noticed many benefits to Mediatext for Publishers or Advertisers –

  • Ads open in NEW WINDOW (publishers benefit)
  • Mediatext cuts out the middleman between advertiser and publisher so more money for the Publisher
  • Low payout threshold to Paypal for publisher – 25 dollars minimum payout!
  • High turnover and relevant ad network for Advertisers
  • Attractive ads that draw potential visitors and relevant traffic for Advertiser and Publisher
  • Can be used with ad networks such as AdSense or Bidvertiser for Publishers (Recommended Ad network)
  • Affiliate program lifetime recurring payouts of %5 plus $10 dollars per new Advertiser or Publisher you refer

Overall as an example you can see the ads being displayed on this blog as the blue double underline on the page. For more information or to sign up to the Mediatext program click here.

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