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another day in the office of making money onlineI thought i should let my readers know a little bit more of my history and how i came to working on the internet…In early 2000 i used to do a lot work for organisations like Greenpeace, Wilderness Society, ACF and Care.

I focused most of my time on charity organisations because i have always felt strongly for the Environment and Helping people.  My main job was to to talk to people in the street about what was happening in the world and what the organisation was doing about it.

Most of my days consisted of many hours of talking to people and showing what they could do to help the cause. Also it involved a lot of marketing by selling memberships to the organisations, so i learnt a lot of basic marketing.

During the time i was working for ACF i was invited to a seminar on Internet marketing…I always was good with using computers and understood how online worked so i was really interested to hear about what they had to say about how to market online…This was back in late 2003.

After watching the seminar on working online i got really motivated to to start selling and becoming part of the online world…The first website i put up was working with a natural skin care line and that was going good until i realized the manufacturer was n’t sending the products to the customers. Ahhh, that was a disaster for me as so many refunds were given…I wont mention there company name…

“I felt so demotivated after what happened with the first website, but i just kept going…”

Later on after losing hope i put up a website – www.emustore.com and still to this day it’s going well..I can tell you i hit a lot of bumps on the way, many a time i felt like giving up…At the same time i was also working for these organisations…Only in my spare time back then did i have time for my websites…

I now have 7 online websites that are all performing. Some doing better than others.

For the last 2 to 3 years i haven’t worked anywhere but online. Online is my total income. So that’s one of the main reasons i started this blog was to show people like you many aspects of how to make money online.? And there are so many tricks to make it easier.

If you would like an Affiliate program or something to be written about to do with making money online then let me know and i will do a post review on it.

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