Another Viral Advertising Tip – Reward Systems

In a previous post I mentioned Three awesome Viral advertising tips to kick start your online website this year. Here is another one, reward systems.. Reward systems are in a way are like bribing visitors to link to you and therefore creating blogging buzz.. Let me give you an example..

Viral Advertising – Reward your Audience and Create Buzz!

1) Another Viral Advertising Tip – Reward Systems – Reward the best commenter of the month each month with free advertising on your blog.. Sound easy but where is the linking, okay so next one reward the best url ping back to your blog..

If you are unsure what a url ping is, it is when a blog owner links to your blog in a post as a reference, whenever this happens it appears in your comment section on your blog in wordpress, where you can except it.. Basically it is a link to your website, the ping aspect is letting you know where..

Okay so back to my point whoever pings about your blog the most in the next month, from a good blog source gets a range of rewards, could be a free blog post, a free months 125 x 125 advertising space (nofollow for google), etc, etc… You name it, whatever it is, make it sound good then more people will post about your ping-back promotion and reference you more often..

Even if someone wins who is not aware of the ping me contest, when they receive a ping to there own site from a blog post you wrote about them (reward), because of pinging you the most they will be inspired to keep it up and probably write about how they won and link reference you again.. This is just one example but you can see it’s potential in Viral advertising..

“Creating Viral Advertising Buzz is an excellent way of getting your blog more seen..”

Feel free to comment about any other viral advertising tips below..


  1. Hey Everyone,
    I have just confirmed that doing a ping me contest would be against google terms of service now so i would recommend not doing, sorry about that.. The commentor of the month however is totally fine for getting more regular comments.. 🙂

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