Are Short Blog Entries Better than long ones?

Well this is an interesting question which i have been asked many times… First of all when i mean blog entries i’m referring to a page on your blog or even on your website…Does n’t have to be a blog…

Buyers Web tip : “When writing a page or post it’s always good to write just enough to cover the material at the appropriate level of detail, then stop….”

There are many answers to why short is good and why long is good, both depending on the topic. Let’s first look at the aspects of a short post. What i mean by a short post or page is under 300 words and for a large one over 500. (In between that is a medium sized post, not to small not to big)

  • Reader can read usually in under 1 min and a half
  • You can quickly see the authors perspective on the page or post
  • Some readers will read quickly before leaving so short can keep them on your website
  • If not a big topic, it’s seen as short and sweet
  • However those above are the good points to short pages, some negatives are –

  • If it’s a big topic not enough explanation
  • If too short has the reader wondering about the topic still???
  • For Long posts, it’s seen as different to a reader and can almost look more like a magazine article. Long posts have there advantage and disadvantage too.. Some good aspects are –

  • Covering the whole topic…well hopefully hehehe
  • If it’s a big topic then readers will be pleased to read more
  • Seen as more of a knowledge to the topic which is good
  • The negative aspects to a longer post or page is –

  • The writer might be straying from the topic too much
  • A reader might be overwhelmed with how much to read they think.. “bugger that,short blog entries I’m leaving the website”
  • Overall they both have there benefits when used for the right topic. The best rule of thumb i have learned is to say what you have to say about a topic and when there’s nothing more to say do not keep rambling, just stop writing.

    As a reader which do you prefer, Short Blog or pages or long ones?


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