Are they Misspellings or not?

I recently received an interesting comment on digg about my last post Google Aiding Myanmar. The comment was an apparent misspelling in the article of the word “organisation” instead of the term “organization”.

“Was it a Misspelling or not?”

are they misspellings or not?

The comment about the apparent misspelling read:

“And doesn’t the misspelling of organization twice in the article as “organisation” ruin any credibility you have as an author?
Spell Check………..use it.”

I quickly responded as I am from Australia and that is how organisation it is spelled here. What interested me about the comment was the way the commenter said the misspelling would ruin the credibility of me as an author. It was quite a stab so when i checked for the misspelling and discovered it wasn’t i had to reply with this :

“Thanks for the comment, however with the spelling in Australia that’s how organisation is spelled. It’s same with other words like crazy is spelled crasy. It would be good if there was a plugin that modified the difference to not confuse people, depending on the ip. So when people came from England or Australia it said organisation or if from US it would read organization.
Anyways have a nice day. “

To be controversial if small details like this can ruin a authors credibility then that would mean any US Blog that uses words such as organization, would be seen by many other countries as a misspelling. However has that ever stopped you reading an interesting post?… The answer to 99% of us is no.

Unless it’s a real misspelling, when writing it’s best not to worry about details like this as it is the quality of the content that is important. Not to mention isn’t it the many different ways we write that defines us as writers.

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