Are you a Lazy Blogger?

are you a lazy bloggerAre you a Blog writer? If so which one are you? Fit Blogger or Lazy Blogger. I have noticed there are two distinct different types of Blog Writers out there, there are the lazy ones which write really small posts or write irregularly or the ones that being a blog writer is part of there life.

What drives the Blog Writers that keep writing regularly or what is it that makes some lazy?

Motivation like anything is the biggest key in all aspects of working online such as blog writing or any work which involves working for yourself. Even though all these aspects don’t necessarily make you a Lazy writer let’s just breakdown all these types of writers and do a vote.

Fit Blogger – Writes at least a post a day or at least 7 posts a week minimum…

Lazy Blogger – Writes a post every now and then, like maybe once a week or less…

Undecided Blogger – Writes sometimes, goes through phases where they write like a fit blogger or a lazy blogger

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