Are you Adapting to your Blogs Environment?

Do you know the feeling? Your walking through the blogging jungle, trees are everywhere, dangers are at every corner. You cut your way further and further yet the jungle keeps fighting back. You are lost in many ways trying to know the right way to go, and then.. From beyond your view you see a deadly Tiger, as if blogging was not hard enough by itself, you are now faced with your biggest fear, a deadly Tiger.. So what do you do..?

You quickly scan from left to right, hiding in the underbrush, has the Tiger noticed you, you wonder? Maybe it has or maybe it has not, you now have to make a massive decision, do you conquer your fear and face the Tiger or do you hide and run..? Do you adapt and except the Tigers fate or lastly do you fight for survival..?

Facing Blog Challenges

Many will run or hide and many will leave, giving into the adventure that once was reality. While some, a small few will challenge further, even adapt to it’s environment.

You quickly reach for a strong spear like stick next to you and then pull out your small dagger. You quickly and silently sharpen the end, while sweating and checking on the Tigers position. It appears the Tiger has not noticed you, yet will in time as the wind could change at any moment.

You now have a sharp spear like stick and are ready to reach your fate. You stand defiantly against the Tiger and the Tiger notices. It’s powerful body studies you up and down and then then flinches for a while. You both stand defiantly and then all of a sudden a almost peace like stand off happens. The Tiger looks at you and you look at the Tiger.. You know you have grown your Blog this far and nothing is going to stand in your way..

Amazingly enough the Tiger sees your fearless stance and acknowledges your strength. One final glance and then the Tiger casually walks off, shaking itself at the meal it may have missed. The Tiger knows you are part of its world, it knows you have adapted to your environment..

Can you Adapt to your Blog Environment?

Because of this inner knowing of defiance of character the Tiger moved on, the same goes with Blogging. Many obstacles will hit you day by day and many times you may think you are on the wrong path like a Jungle. The trick is adapting to your environment. If your not getting enough traffic, then adapt to your situation, its a jungle out there of online competition.. There will be many times you want to stop or think what am I doing, this is like the Tiger. You must conquer these times, these are the tests.. In a way its like thinking outside the box..

If you do not get much search engine traffic, work on your SEO. If you do not get enough commissions from affiliate programs, work on your conversion tactics. If your not getting enough back links be active in related communities. It never is easy, otherwise every one would be making money online, right? But it will happen if you keep adapting.. Stay motivated, be strong, be experimental, try new things and just do not give up.. Adapting is part of the blogging world as well..

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