Are you Crazy – Always Monetize your Blog!

always monetize your blogShould I monetize my blog? This is one question I am getting sick of hearing.. Only joking it is okay..

First of all, if you want to make money from your blog then monetize it. If you do not want to, do not.

The choice is not based on niche or what you consider may lower your blog to readers or what you think is unethical, there is nothing wrong with monetizing! I will tell you why and I will tell you why monetizing can actually help your readers as well as yourself.

Monetizing can help with keeping your readers happy because it is a way of choosing programs that show related products to your niche. If you are really picky on what affiliate programs to add that is okay, take your time, however try to remember it’s what your readers want as well. You will find if you recommend a great related program where you do get a commission on occasions you will get thank yous. You helped your reader.

There are some rules to stick to however:

  1. Keep the monetizing related, Google AdSense is a good example of this
  2. Keep affiliate programs related as well
  3. Always have a mailing list
  4. Hmmm.. Do not overdo, most people ignore advertising commonly called advertising blindness so keep it low and simple looking..
  5. Provide incentives, always provide incentives.. This can be as simple as a discount or a free ebook or a hard to find solution. If you provide it well you will then have influence and so people will want to buy.. That is key here, make people want to buy..

Readers that you help in any way, will always be happy readers, it does not matter if they bought a related product from a affiliate referral, it does not make them see your website any lesser.

Very similar in a way to you buying pizza from Domino’s and then purchasing some drinks that they recommend. Would you be upset at Domino’s..? Or would you be happy now that you have a drink and a pizza even if the drink is not made by Domino’s Pizza. You would be happy, same goes with monetizing.

I guess the main point is do not get worried about adding some ads to your blog, if placed well readers will not notice them unless they like them.. And if they do, you may have just made some extra money..

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