6 Top Article Directories for Extra Blog Promotion

One of the many ways to promote your blog is through Article websites.

By doing a few articles every now and then and linking back to your website or blog it can be a great extra way of getting more links to your website and increasing traffic.. And best of all… all the best ones are free.

Don’t get me wrong there are more than 6 out there… It is just that I am only going to list 6 as these I have found most effective for submissions and traffic. When you write articles on these websites do not forget to add your website in the footer of it. That way it will give you credit for your work.

Footer Credit – It could simply be something like this as an example –

{Main Article details}

This article post was written by (your name). I hope you enjoyed reading this article, If so please feel free to visit my blog at Buyers Web for more posts by me…

6 Kick Ass Article Directories

While there are many thousands of Article websites out, these 6 i believe are the highest performing for exposure and traffic… If you know of any other good Article websites comment it below..

While they are a good form of extra traffic to your website it is important to remember they create duplicate content issues in the search engines for your articles. This will not effect your website however, it will only effect the duplication of the articles on other article websites. (Providing links to your website on Articles is completely safe.)

As search engines are the ones that produce most of the traffic, before this issue arises, there will be an initial traffic surge to your articles before the traffic levels will begin to drop…

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