Australian Affiliate Marketers Losing Money Over Currency Exchange

If you are an Australian affiliate marketer such as myself, you will most likely be in the same boat as me. At the moment due to the high value of the Australian dollar many are losing a lot in commissions and income. Below is an example of what is happening.

The Australian Dollar Rising Against the USD

At the beginning of 20o8 what was the value of the Australian dollar? It was around the 80 cent mark, this was a good value for most online marketers as it meant that when earning mostly in US currency they would get a larger return than what was actually made. In a way like getting a 20% or pay rise. Now at the present moment in 2011 the Aud soars around the 1.04 mark meaning that each time we convert our earnings to Aud we actually lose quite a bit on the conversions. This all adds up over the course of a year and at the end of the year at this average it can mean a lower earnings of around a quarter less ( taking in fees and what not ). That is not great news for affiliate marketers.

As an example, recently I did a conversion for 3000 USD to AUD and it brought me back about 2800 dollars back. That’s a good loss when you think of the return expected back in 2008 where I could be getting anywhere around the 3500 mark for that type of exchange, nearly a loss of over 700 when you work out the figures.

Australian Affiliate Marketers Losing Money Over Currency Exchange

Above is a graph showing the rise and fall of the Australian dollar over the last five years, each time it rises for the Australian online affiliate marketer they make less and less profit compared to the previous years of glory. By looking at the graph you will see the drop in 2009 to 60 cents which boosted our earnings up to present day high averages. If you are also an Australian affiliate marketer, such as myself that has been effected by the rise comment your thoughts below on how it effected you..


  1. Recent update on prices vs the US with some good news, the AUD is now currently stabilized a lot better against the US Dollar, so back to earning better with US dollars sales.. 🙂

    AUD is around 97 US cents..

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