Three Reasons to Avoid Automated Blogging?

Omg.. How many automated plugins are there out there now..  (Names not mentioned entirely for privacy, but anyone that is familiar with them will know what i mean.. )  So many promising lots of traffic, great SEO and all the other marketing features any get rich quick traffic scheme could offer. Let me tell you the hard truth – THEY SUCK for TRAFFIC.. They do not get you lots of traffic and automated blogging programs are not a get rich quick system..

Please do not see this as a harsh response, the reason i speak so bluntly is because they waste so many peoples time in investing in these paid automated blogging programs..

Three Reasons to Avoid Automated Blogging?

So, let me tell you three reasons why you should avoid these types of Automated Blogging software or plugins..

  1. Duplicate Content – First one being the Duplicate content issue.. They all create copies of existing articles or videos or things that already exist so the search engines will filter your duplicate pages out.. This means no or little search engine traffic.. Yes, it is true search engines like regular updated content, but they do not like copies of other content out there. They like unique well written content.. Because of this automated Blogging scripts are not traffic pullers..
  2. Non Unique Blogging – The second is that it creates a non unique blog, meaning hardly anyone will subscribe to it or return visits will be rare.. I mean think about what will happen when they see it is just a non original copy from somewhere else. Also maybe they would prefer to read from the source of the content as well..?
  3. No Value for Customer – The third and most important reason to me for avoiding using automated blogging software is that it adds no value to the Internet in any way or to the customer (reader in the case of blogs). If everyone ran a copy of someone else’s low grade content then what does that say about passion or trying to succeed based on some other persons work.. It also asks questions about copyright issues (and many more, DMCA) if any of the content is not posted correctly by the automated blogging software..

My last thoughts are that automated blogging software is so similar to many article directories out there. They never worked well as a way to create a successful online business unless you are a top article directory.. The main reason being unless you are a top dog article directory like Ezine Articles or Go Articles then all you are doing is spreading more of the same duplicate content… You also risk the fact that when search engines see this (indexing) they could possible penalize or filter out (filter out meaning search engine secondary index) these low grade sites..

Okay so, what do you think of Automated Blogging software..? If you enjoyed this post then please tweet or subscribe to this blog for regular updates (feedburner). I promise no duplicate content. Only unique content written by an experienced online blogger trying to help others succeed at there own online journey.. Thanks for reading..


  1. i agree with that. But might be that alll autoblogger have their own reason to do that.

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