Awesome Twitter Type Blog Idea!

I was chatting with Lyndsay Cabildo, another online blogger and we were both discussing the recent popularity of the the social network Twitter. In particular we were both discussing what makes Twitter so unique and in what way could a blog be similar to their system.

First of all Twitter comprises of twenty to thirty short statements or questions per Twitter member of under 140 characters and that got me thinking. If this is successful on Twitter what about a blog with 20 to thirty posts on the main page each with only 140 to 200 characters in the post. At first I thought hey that would be really not that interesting, but then Lyndsay pointed out that each one should be a question or a political statement to start a debate in which people could comment..

Ahh, so the comments themselves would create the post, not that the short post itself would be very search engine friendly. Once comments are added that would all be changed. In a way the idea makes sense because it relates to the Twitter concept and also allows topics to create themselves.

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