Back from the Depths of a Vietnam IP Block!

vietnam china web ip blockI arrived in the city of Hue last Saturday to find for some reason i couldn’t access my sites on one of my ips… I thought, oh my host server was down. I quickly discussed it with my host to find there was temporary isp blocks happening in northern Vietnam and China. I was unsure why but tried to find more information on it, but with no luck… Basically what it meant was every other country could see my sites but me…

Anyways today or last night (didn’t check last night) my blog came back from the temporary block. I am unsure as to why this would of occurred in the first place, i just seemed like a random situation, where you say to your self what the…

I’m back now… Phew…! Back from the Depths

Fortunately for me i had someone doing my orders back home and handling that side while it has been done. Although i must say having no access to my blog was a major withdrawal test… Oh well it is all back to normal now… Hope you all did not miss me to much lol…



  1. Tin, if you are experiencing an IP block with your PC. On your IE, try to go to:
    Tools>Internet Options>Connections Tab>LAN Setting button>Proxy Server>check 1st&2nd box>Address:(your preferred URL)>Port:80>OK

    then you can take it back to it’s original setting when all is okay with the connection settings.

  2. Timon Weller says

    Hey Cherry,
    The ip block was not for general internet use it was to only for my websites ip at the time… Its all back to normal now…
    Have a great day…:)

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