Back in the Msn Search Engine – Robots.txt was the Solution!

welcome back msn search engine resultsI was happily surprised this morning to see my website blog ( back in the Msn search results. For some reason i could not figure out about 6 months ago my blog stopped showing up in the results. I tried many changes on my website to fix it but was unsure as to exactly why it was happening.

I even tried contacting a number of times but still no luck, then finally after submitting to there webmaster tools contact i asked about my website and how it looked like it had been banned in the Msn search and that i was unsure as to why…

Robots.txt Solved my Msn Indexing Issue

I was replied with the robots are trying to find your robots.txt file and are possibly ignoring your website because it cannot find it…? Oh damn, i thought. I was using robots.txt file but no information in it, just blank. Which is fine generally but for some reason msn bot was having trouble so i changed it to –

User-agent: *

The Above in a robots.txt file allows all robots from all search engines…

After this change a few weeks later it is back. Phew..! Well i will be careful of that in future.. If you are having a similar situation with your website make sure to check your robots.txt for Msn, it could be the possible cause…

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