5 Beautiful White Background Themes for WordPress 2011

Are you looking for some exceptional and beautiful white background WordPress themes? If so, I will reveal five themes below that will make your mouth drop with how amazing they look. As you may know already being a reader here at Buyers Web I have a number of times mentioned the amazing and exceptional quality of themes designed by only a few designers. The main ones being from Elegant Themes which make some of the most best themes that I have ever seen ( really impressive stuff ) and I use on some of them on my other blogs because of this. The second choice for beautiful themes is Woothemes and my third choice is I have to say for this year is Thesis like here on this blog. These are my overall favorites this year so far as each provide their own ability and features.

Below are the five themes that I have looked over this year, each of which I have personally selected because I believe they are of exceptional quality and make.

Simple Press Theme

simplepressSimplepress has some awesome features allowing the owner to divide there blog into multiple parts and sections. Many elements can be edited and the white background and centering looks simply stunning. Provided by Elegant Themes.

Magnificent Theme

magnificentAnother beautiful white background them is the impressive them called Magnificent by Elegant Themes. It takes the cake as a great choice for many types of blogs, also with a similar look to Simple Press above with a few different features.

Notes of Life Theme

noteAnother marvel from Elegant Themes, this one is for all those bloggers wanting something really different as well as exceptional. Those of you that also want a good light weight theme.

Newspress Theme

newspressThis beautiful white theme is from Woothemes. Excellent for many types of blogs and magazine or news type blogs.

Thesis Theme Framework


Lastly, but just as good is the powerful popular Thesis Theme that I recently changed my blog over to as well. It looks basic on the outside but is completely customizable on all levels giving it unlimited possibilities on enhancing and adapting to what you want. Not only that, it is lightweight, seo friendly and looks great.

The above screen shot is a modified version on Thesis, also called a child theme by another name.


  1. Hey Timon, Nice share.. They really all are beautiful themes. I will have to go check them all out.

  2. Thanks Pete, Elegant Themes is definitely one of my favorite theme providers for wordpress.. I use them for some of my blogs and people are always impressed.

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