Becoming a Cheap Web Hosting Reseller

As I have mentioned on a number of posts before, finding good residual affiliate programs is key to building a good extra online income… One good residual earner is web hosting…  One such program I found that I recommend is called resellers panel, the best part about it other than it being a residual earner is that you can also set your own profit margin…

Resellers Panel – One Cheap Web Hosting Reseller…

Resellers panel will provide you with the wholesale amounts in your account, e.g  $4.00 domain names and $25.00 a year hosting. Onto this price you can add whatever profit amount you want to offer as an affiliate.. You can even personalise your decided hosting offers with your own headings and descriptions. Yes they provide a free unique website url just for your affiliate reseller offers and decided template ( they have like twenty professional templates to choose from). What makes them more unique than other cheap similar web hosting reseller affiliate programs is they are really easy to use and have so many options in admin to create unique hosting offers.. My personal favourite aspect of them is that they allow an easy set up of your own domain name to use with there offers.

“Earn Passive Income with Cheap Web Hosting Resellers..”

Another great aspect about Resellers Panel web hosting reseller affiliate program is it generates passive residual income. When hosting packages you refer renew there yearly hosting you earn a commission again.. Bonus hey.. So you can probably imagine the potential once you have referred a few hundred web hosting packages.. If your average commission is $30 dollars per year per package then that could possibly be earning you 200 x $30.00 = $6000 per year and growing… “Nice extra income there…!”

Becoming a Cheap Web Hosting Reseller…

Whatever cheap web hosting reseller affiliate program you are looking for, I highly recommend checking our Resellers Panel as an option.. If you are already are using them feel free to comment about there hosting reseller program below..

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