Being Active in Forums Can Mean More Traffic

Recently I have been very active in a number of forums. I always believe this is an excellent part of getting to know your audience if the forum is related and also a great way of sharing ideas as well as getting ideas. The two forums I have been mainly active in are –


(Both of which are very related to this niche..)

What I have found by being active regularly in related forums (that allow signatures) you can attract more of a targeted audience for your own website or blog. As a tip, the forums to go for are the ones that allow link signatures, so basically during your conversations on forums if someone is following the comment and they like your say, they may follow through and check out your sites in the signature.

If you are unsure of what a signiture is, it is a common aspect in the forum world where below your posts you can add a few links to your favourite websites. A bonus form of website advertising in a way..

Overall forums are another good extra avenue of traffic for any blogger..


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