Better Affiliate Banners for your Website or Blog

While banners are provided by Affiliate programs to begin with they are not always the best way you would like to advertise the program. You may want to make the banner look more professional or more related to your blog or you may want to make it look unique to your readers than the the standard advertisement.

What i recommend doing is contacting the Affiliate Program you use and ask for permission to make your own banner. Most likely from experience they will allow you to use images from there website to make up your own banner. That way you can spruce it up the way you want and show the Affiliate benefit you want to your readers to see.

Better Affiliate Banners equals More Money!

Many people use different programs yet i recommend using fireworks with making or editing banners. They are an easy to use quick editing program. On details how to get this program visit Overall by making a better banner for your Affiliate Program for your blog or website can really increase click through rate and earning potential. Lookat the one i designed below with Fireworks…

Screenshot of editing with Fireworks below.

how to make related affiiate banners for your website

Before Editing Below –

After Editing Below –

how to make more related affiiate banners for your website

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