Bidvertiser Improvements – Bidvertiser Using more Images

This post is about another good update on the Bivertiser Publisher program.. Since I started to use there ppc program over time i have have noticed some major improvements. One improvement recently is they are using more and more image based ads as well as text. The improvements is another major step in increasing click through ratio… Another improvement i have noticed for my category is there ads appear to be getting more and more contextual. Do not quote me on that one, if you have noticed this as well then comment what you think about it below.

bidvertiser improvements

Overall it looks like they are trying to increase conversions for there users and in time i think Bidvertiser will be one of the best, if not the best choice in PPC… Here is a basic list of improvements i have noticed over the last 5 months of using them on my blog…

Latest Bidvertiser Improvements –

  • Ebay ads inclusion option
  • Images In Ads More Common
  • Contextually better than a few months ago ( I could be wrong with this one…)

For more information on the ppc network or to sign up for the Bidvertiser Publisher Program click here

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