bidvertiser make money onlineHave you heard of Bidvertiser? If your not sure what Bidvertiser is then now is a good time to have a look at there program.. They are an in content based advertising program similar in a way to AdSense.

Even though they are similar they are also unique and have a range of benefits which are different as well. How there system works is based on a pay per click system, you pay or are paid on a per click basis. To sum it up if you are an advertiser you pay per targeted visitor they bring to your site on the bid amount you chose. On the other hand if you are a publisher (displaying ads on your own website from Bidvertiser advertising network) you are paid on a per click basis and revenue share with Bidvertiser.

“Hopefully i didn’t confuse you there, basically you can get targeted traffic from there advertising system or you can advertise yourself for them on a pay per click basis and earn money from your website”

Bidvertiser Benefits –

Bidvertiser has many benefits for the website owner, below are some of the top benefits one can get from there program.

  • When signing up for a new advertising account with them, you will receive 20 dollars in free clicks.
  • As a publisher you can select for the ad clicks from visitors to open up in a new window which keeps visitors on your website.
  • As a publisher you can select the ads you want and are able to set the bid for advertisers you display (if a publisher) meaning more money. As an example if you want only ads displayed on your site that pay 50 cents or more per click that is fine.
  • Minimum payout of 10 dollars for Publishers via PayPal for quicker and easier payments.

Overall Bidvertiser is another great way to make money online. If your interested in signing up for one of the two types of accounts  you can easily below by clicking one of the links. Signing up is a easy process that only takes a few minutes and then allow a few minutes to set up the ads.

If you wish to sign up for an Advertising Account click here (20 dollars in free clicks)
If you wish to sign up for a free Publisher Account click here

Bidvertiser Review

(Above in the screen shot, can be seen one of my many monthly payment proofs from there program.)


  1. Video Game Master says

    I think bidvertiser ads look the most like adsnse ads. I had no luck with Clickzor as they ads lagged my pages. I made some chump change with adbrite but now I cannot even log into my own account and yet they still run the ads I never took off. I am giving bidvertiser a go right now to see how it goes. Today is day 2 of bidvertiser. I will update what happens in a few weeks. These bidvertiser ads are on a website almost a year old and usually sites take about 6 months to get into the search engines really good.

  2. Timon Weller says

    Depending on your website theme Bidvertiser is an awesome PPC, the main reason i think so is that you can decide the minimum bid from advertisers… Let me know how you go…


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