Big Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging

When blogging or starting out blogging it is easy for anyone to make mistakes, we all do it.
Unfortunately no matter how many times a successful blogger says do it, one can put these points off so in this post I wanted to share some top points not to forget when starting your first blog.

Each one I have been guilty of myself so they are great pointers for anyone starting out online with a blog or any type of website.

1. ) Always Have a Mailing List – Always

This does not mean the simple feedburner feed, this means a proper mailing list for gathering interested readers and your audience. The best way of doing this is by providing a good free related ebook to your readers for them to enjoy for the simple task of subscribing to your list.

With the list you can provide your subscribers with a good weekly auto responder helping them in that field of interest. Don’t be a afraid here to share some good related affiliate programs to help your readers out.

One option of starting a autoresponder mailing list if you run wordpress is using a plugin such as Free Autoresponder

2. ) Don’t Forget Seo

One should never forget seo, it will only hurt your blog seriously, this includes seo friendly urls, unique quality content only, using good titles and making sure to keep up with your back links as well.

A good plugin for improving seo that I recommend is the Seo Pressor Plugin. This plugin will go through each post as you do and give suggestions based on content.

3. ) Domain Name Should Include The Main Keyword

This one is an important one as well, always choose a domain name relating towards what you are promoting or discussing. Try to avoid domain names based on names, unless you are selling yourself alone. This will improve you seo rankings by using the main keyword in the domain name..

The above three mistakes are made by so many of us, I hope by sharing these others can avoid them from happening to themselves. If you can think of some other mistakes many new time bloggers make feel free to comment them below to share with others.


  1. I know from personal experience that having a keyword or two in the domain name definitely helps with SEO.

    I bought a domain name that had no keywords in it over two years ago now. I’ve written over two hundred posts on that blog. It certainly brings in traffic, and has done for a while. But it doesn’t compete with the main domain I’ve linked here. That brings in constant and very targeted traffic from a couple of two word phrases.

    Any domain I buy in the future will have keywords in it!

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