Blank Website Ranking in Google For Make Money Online Keyword

Well, it looks like Google search engine Algorithm has hit another bump, in the latest update or whatever rankings are not appearing good at all. I wonder if Google has noticed it or what. At first i thought some of my popular sites were being hit by a penalty or something then when i investigated further i noticed nearly all good sites are ranking bad and listen to this one for the term Make Money Online there is a blank site. I am not kidding, i mean come on Google, what happened?

Quality content remember..?

make money online google results april 25 2012

Image Above – Screenshot of Make Money Online Keyword in Google as seen above

what the google blank site

ImageĀ  Above – Website at number five for this high competitive keyword – Can you believe it? Absolutely no content or value whatsoever, yet ranking for one of the hardest to rank keywords out there.

Anyways, that is by and by, i am assuming this algorithm update will be rolled back once they realize the spam sites that are now displaying on top now.. This is not the only keyword rankingĀ  mistake i have seen either, it is happening in the beauty area, in the health keyword sector and in many others. The only sites that seem to be immune are Google’s partners like Wikipedia ( Article Directory / Encyclopedia that seems to rank for top keywords no matter what is on there and what quality ) and Youtube ( Google owned ) of course. One being a general article site showing all topics which is supposedly frowned upon for rankings by Google as it is not in any specific niche and the other having virtually no content at all as it is a video site.

Anyways, if you are noticing your own rankings going weird or another top keyword ranking unusually like shown above in Google feel free share what you noticed in the comments below.

Maybe Google will notice this post and fix the ranking issue quicker.


  1. I have noticed that the traffic quality of Google is starting to improve overall, but still they are not as quality as they used to be before the Penguin update. That is my opinion.. There is still way to many low quality new sites on first page..


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