Blog Commenting Tips to Make a Successful Blog

Blog Commenting Tips to Make a Successful BlogBlog commenting is such an important aspect of running your own blog. It allows you to share your opinion as well as create a community around your blog. In a sense the more good comments, the quicker a community can be created. However not all comments are equal and that’s where this post can help you… Below is a list of some tips you can use to create influential comments on other peoples blogs, as well as increase your click through rate.

Tips for Successful Blog Commenting

1)  Commenting Tips – Be yourself – A very important aspect is not to be fake while commenting, always be yourself and use this as a time to voice your own opinion. This is a good reflection of you behind your blog..

2)  Commenting Tips – Use Your Name – This is a commonly missrepresented aspect, by using your name instead of blogs name you are selling yourself and building more trust to others behind your blog. This is powerful for building yourself a community. If you are going to use your blogs name do it like so – Timon Weller of Buyers Web..  Please Note : A lot of blog owners refuse comments that are simply keywords.

3) Commenting Tips – Comment with the Commenter’s – When commenting on a post take into account other peoples comments and if your point of view is similar bring them into your comment. This creates a more unique comment which gets noticed more..

4) Commenting Tips – Comment, but Comment Well – Another aspect to watch out for is how you are commenting.. When commenting do not forget you are adding to the posts content as well as giving yor perspective. If you understand the post topic well, express your opinion in more than one line. Try to make it two paragraphs instead.

5) Commenting Tips – Provide Solutions – Providing your opinion as well as a possible solution is an excellent way of increasing blog comments click through rate.

6) Commenting Tips – Feelings – Adding feelings to comments is an effective way of making you seem more real and therefore more interesting.

7) Commenting Tips – Comment on Related Blogs – By commenting on related blogs you are discussing with like minded people. This is an excellent way to increase traffic and rss readers for your own blog.

I love the commenting aspect of blogging, it has always been one of my favourite elements. I mean what would a blog be without allowing comments? It would be just another website.. To sum it all up, by commenting well and commenting often and it can really increase your blogs overall success.


  1. Dashrath says

    Such a great info. Your Second tips is very effective. Many webmaster not use this tips & not get it good result.

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